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We had a wonderful Hot Air Balloon adventure with Billy Green and the Lighter than Air team. The whole team is friendly and willing to answer questions and share their love of Hot Air Balloons. I would definitely recommend!!!!

May 2023

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I had the pleasure of riding in the Just for Kids balloon for the Derby Balloon Race this year. Billy and his staff were wonderful! The balloon ride was amazing! I would give Billy Green and his staff a 10/10!

May 2023

Balloon flight

I had a really great time and I was very happy with the whole experience. Billy Green and his whole crew were friendly and easy to get along with. It was easy to see that Billy knew exactly what he was doing which made it all more enjoyable. It was definitely 10/10 and would do it again.

March 2023

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My wife and I had our first hot air balloon ride recently. We were so pleased that we chose Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures. Billy Green is very easy to work with. We had to reschedule a few times due to weather concerns as Mr. Green puts safety of the flight foremost. His crew was very friendly and outgoing. We would definitely recommend taking a hot air balloon ride. If you are in the Louisville, ky area we would highly recommend Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures.
September  2022

Scott Folmar


I purchased a sunset flight for my wife as a wedding gift. The whole crew made this a very pleasant experience. Everything from taking us to the lift off point, video taping the flight, and giving us a history lesson on the first hot air balloon flight on the way back to our vehicle. I would definitely recommend to all.
August 2022


I was gifted a hot air balloon ride for my birthday. I highly recommend both this experience and the Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures team. The Billy Green and the crew were both professional and fun to be with. Everyone was personable and very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the ballooning profession and hobby. The ride was amazing!! I would take to the skies in a hot air balloon with Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures every weekend if I could!
August 2022


5 stars
August 2022


5 stars
June 2022



Great people!

February 2022


Hoping for your own memorable hot-air balloon ride experience? I highly recommend Billy Green and Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures! Billy's knowledge and expertise in piloting, as well as his ability to teach me what I needed to know about the flight, prepared me to thoroughly enjoy this first-time experience. I wasn't sure how I would feel about being untethered at a high altitude. However, I was also determined to do it. Because of Billy's calm, assuring and easy banter during the flight, I felt totally safe, secure, and at ease. I discovered that a good attitude overcomes a high altitude. Thank you, Billy Green!
November 2021


Thank you for a wonderful ride! Beautiful day and great team!
October 2021


It was awesome and I really enjoyed myself. It is something I have wanted to since I was little. And it was a dream come true. If any body has ever wanted to try you should definitely give Billy Green a try.
October 2021

Sherry Thompson


I volunteered to help with the hot air balloons for the annual July 4th celebration in Campbellsville, and Billy Green was the pilot I worked for over the weekend. I never realized how much physical hard work and precise calculations go into setting these balloons up. The evening of the balloon race, Billy invited me to join him and the co-pilot for their flight. This usually never happens but it was my blessing day! Now listen, I am terrified of heights. But I knew if I didn’t go, I’d regret it for the rest of my life. I made myself go. And it was the most fun and excitement I’ve ever had!! The views of my town were breathtaking. It was so peaceful and serene up in the air. My fear melted away because I wasn’t going to let it hold me back from enjoying this moment. Billy is a wonderful pilot, he answered my many, many questions. I have been telling everyone about my wonderful experience. Thank you Lighter than Air for giving me this opportunity.
July 2021

Cheryl Akins


It was a fantastic ride. Billy and his team are the best at making sure your experience is more than you could ever imagine. It was my first time up but won’t be my last. And I will make sure my next trip it is with the “lighter than air” team too.
May 2021

Pam Isaacs


Billy is an expert pilot who made me feel comfortable throughout the ride. The scenery was amazing, and I learned a lot about ballooning as well. The landing was super smooth and the crew went above and beyond to take care of us. Would definitely recommend this balloon ride!
April 2021

Sheila Sanders


Don’t let your fear of heights keep you away from a beautiful experience! I went on a sunset ride and it was amazing!! Several in our group including myself have a fear of heights. Going up in the balloon was exciting and the fear was nonexistent. It is so relaxing and serene. Just beautiful sights to see. Our pilot was Bryan and he was great as well as our ground crew. Everyone was so nice and patiently answered all our questions. We got to help set up and take down the balloon which is another adventure! I highly recommend knocking this off your bucket list and using Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures!
April 2021

Kristi Dalrympl


An amazing adventure
I took my Father on a flight recently. It was wonderful. The Pilot, Billy Green, answered all the questions my Father or I had before and during the flight. The Crew was very friendly taking pictures for us before the launch. It was a beautiful day for a flight and the view was amazing. Our landing was perfect. We were able to purchase photos and video taken during our flight. If a hot air balloon flight is on your bucket list, I highly recommend Lighter Than Air.
March 2021

Carolyn Dawson


Wonderful experience!
We had a wonderful experience with Billy Green and his crew on our balloon ride! Very knowledgeable, experienced and safe pilot and crew. Highly recommend for a great hot air balloon experience.
November 2020

Brian H.


Hot air balloon is the most beautiful form of flight, from feeling like you're floating with the clouds to the absolute quiet and calm you feel while flying, Billy Green makes this experience top notch. The very welcoming atmosphere and great customer service, Billy with Lighter than air Adventures is the one you want to fly with. Thank you for the wonderful lifelong memory that was created!
October 2020

Ryan C.


Me and my nanny got to fly yesterday afternoon. Such a fun , wonderful, relaxing experience it was . The view is absolutely beautiful to see . My nanny is 73 years old and loved every minute of it . I would highly recommend flying in a hot air balloon if you ever get the chance too . We are ready to do it again .
October 2020

Cassie A Butler


Worth the wait!

Our trip was fantastic. I have always wanted to go on a Balloon ride and was not disappointed. We sailed high over Louisville for our trip. We saw glimpses of downtown and the river, in addition to Taylorsville and Shelbyville. What a view! The videos we ordered will allow us to remember these views for years to come not disappointed.

Billy and his team were willing to work with us through complicated schedules. We met at a central location, then went out to our launch site. The takeoff and landing were smooth, then we headed back to the meeting location. Billy shared Balloon history and local tales, making it a fun trip all around.

We were very happy with the talented team and enjoyed the experience!

September 22,2020



Billy was a fantastic host. Impeccable equipment quality and safety is an obvious priority. We felt safe and well cared for. The chase crew was fantastic and kind. The chase van was clean and well maintained. If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime this group will help you find it. Highly recommended!!!! We will definitely fly with this (Family) again

August 2020

Kelley McConihay


I just had an AMAZING experience!! Knocked one off of my “Do before I die” list. Billy was so professional and personable. We had a great time. I’d do it again with LTABA in a heartbeat. My heart was beating so hard, I was so excited. Great photos, awesome memories. Highly recommended!! 6-20-2020

Avery Smith

pic of Chaney

Billy was great! It was our 1st balloon ride, i highly recommend sunrise trips now as ours was very serene; we were watching the city wake up before anyone else. We loved Billy's personality and attentiveness, his assistant (I cant remember his name but he was a big, strong dude) was cool as well! They taught us all about ballooning, we had a great time. We took the balloon trip on acount of our 5 year anniversary and Billy and his broski even had a champagne (nonalcoholic of course) toast for us after the ride to commemorate the great day, weather and safe travels. He recorded our trip on his GoPro camera and sent us the video less than a week later! We highly recommend Blue Moon and would do it again in a heartbeat! Great trip...Thanks Billy:)

Chaney Jeffries Mayer

pic of Marianne

We loved having Billy - and a little taste of hot air ballooning - at our 24th annual Celebrate the Child in Ohio County. He's so good with kids, and was enthusiastic and professional. Our kids loved climbing in the basket and "lighting" the candle. It was a great taste of hot air ballooning for our rural youth. Thanks, Billy!

Marianne Pieper

pic of Heather

Billy did a presentation for our Girl Scout troop that was fantastic! The girls loved seeing the balloon up close and learning about how it works. He explained things well and the girls enjoyed getting to tryout the burner and the bean bag toss.

Heather McKinney Myers

pic of Janet

They came all the way to Michigan to bless our Special needs camp! An amazing organization!!

Brad North

pic of Carolyn

Best "bucket list" check off ever! I've added hot air ballooning back on my list for more rides in my future! Absolutely wonderful experience everyone needs to try! Thanks Bill Green & your crew for a great day of wonderful memories!

Carolyn Nowlin

pic of Holly

I have been wanting to ride on a hot air balloon for yrs. and finally got to. Billy is an awesome pilot! My friend and I had a blast. So much fun.

Holly Brown Colyer

Pic of Jeffrey

Our students at Zachary Taylor Elem really enjoyed Billy's hot air balloon discussion and demonstration. He engaged the students from start to finish. He helped us kick off the derby season!

Jeffrey H. Smith

pic of Joelle

It was my first experience with a hot air balloon flight. Pilot Billy and his crew have done an excellent job that we could enjoy a wonderful evening flight!

pic of Angle

We did a hot air balloon ride as a unique way to celebrate our anniversary. Billy and his team did not disappoint! We had a beautiful balloon ride while learning a little more about ballooning in general. Our pilot was informative about were we where flying and took us over some beautiful landscapes. I would highly recommend Blue Moon to anyone else wanting this experience!

Angel Rogers

pic of Jason

Billy and his crew did an outstanding job presenting to the students at Hebron Middle School. He brought the complex knowledge down to an understandable level for everyone. Not only did he bring his balloon, he also provided resource materials for the teachers to relate the experience to real world scenarios and classroom learning. He was very professional and I will definitely invite him back for future classes.
Thank you Billy!

pic of Amy

My husband has always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. When I found out Billy had his own balloon we set up a time to go for a ride. We had a great time! The hot air balloon was beautiful and the weather was great! Thanks Billy

pic of Jessica

The professionalism was outstanding! Billy is extremely knowledgeable in all ballooning areas...& especially well prepared for educating elementary & middle school students! He did an awesome job with our career day at Austin Middle School & Austin Elementary School! Thanks so much for sharing your talent & passion!

pic of Hunter

Billy is such an amazing friend and mentor. He got me into ballooning and I have loved ballooning ever since. Very nice and patient. He has such a great character.

pic of Jacob

This is was an awesome ride, I definitely would do it again. I would recommend it to anyone.

pic of Chasta

Billy is a great guy with the willingness to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after the ride. It really is a great experience and you get a once in a lifetime view!


Took one of my best friends up for her first balloon ride with Billy, she loved it and can't wait to do it again. He made it an absolutely perfect flight. Wonderful landing as well.


One of the greatest people and he is so patient and willing to teach!! Thanks Billy for taking the time to teach my kiddos all about ballooning and helping them have an interest in ballooning!

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