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What You Need to Know

Do you have additional questions about our services? We’ve got the answers. Have a look at our collection of frequently asked questions below. If there is something that we missed that you’d still like to know, please call us or send us an email. A Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures representative will get in touch with you ASAP. 

Here's some information from Cameron Balloons. Cameron Balloons Passenger Information

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How high do we fly?

The average flight altitude is from tree top level to 3000 feet and a max of 7000 feet. The flight plan depends upon wind velocity, direction and the passenger’s desires.

Propane fuel tank

What fuel does the balloon use?

The hot air balloon burners are fueled by propane, which burns clean and is easy to obtain.

Inflating hot air balloon

How does a hot air balloon fly?

Balloons operate through the basic principles of gravity and heat transfer. As air inside the balloon is heated, it rises. As the air inside the balloon cools, it descends. To make the balloon fly, an inflator fan fills it with air, which is then heated.

Drone inside hot air balloon

How big is the balloon?

 Balloons average in size from one passenger to twenty passengers. When inflated the balloon is as tall as a seven story building. The balloon is measured in cubic feet, 30,000 for a one man balloon up to 300,000 for the largest commercial balloon. The balloon you will be flying in is a Cameron Z-77 which means 77,500 ft.³ of air. To put that in to perspective the envelope will hold approximately 77,500 basketballs. It is 57 feet tall and 55 feet in diameter.

What type of training does the pilot have?

I have a FAA certified commercial pilot’s lighter than air certificate.

Hotter balloon flight

Is it safe?

Been involved with ballooning since 1999, I have NEVER had an accident or injury! However, our insurance company does require that all passengers sign a Release Of Liability Form.

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Balloon instrument

How fast do balloons fly?

A balloon is carried by the wind, and thus moves at the speed of the winds. We fly passengers in gentle breezes up to six miles per hour.

Balloon flight path

Can you steer a balloon?

Winds determine a balloon’s direction. Balloonists can steer a balloon, to a limited extent, by adjusting the balloon’s altitude to make use of different wind speeds and directions.

99-year-old in tethered balloon

Is age a factor in considering a balloon ride?

There is no minimum or maximum age restriction on participating in a balloon ride, although if passengers are 65 years of age or older, please let us know in advance. Our only consideration is that passengers need to be in good health, be able to stand during the entire flight which can last approximately one hour and climb in and out of the basket.

I watch

How long does a balloon ride last?

The actual flight time is approximately one hour. The entire balloon experience, including pre-flight preparation, flight and post-flight celebration, may take about three hours.

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How many people will be flying with me?

At Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures I can accommodate up to 2 passengers.


What should I wear?

The attire for ballooning is casual. We take off and land in open fields. To maximize your enjoyment, dress appropriately for the season, using casual active wear and closed sport shoes. Bring a sweater, sweatshirt or jacket in cooler weather. You will not have a wind chill due to the fact that you will be flying with the wind. Open toed and high heeled shoes are not allowed. Due to heat generated by the balloon, a hat is optional.

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Can we bring video or camera equipment?

A video or camera offers the perfect opportunity to capture the spectacular scenery and memories of your balloon tour. The crew will be available before you take off to take your picture in the basket. Our staff will also take digital photos of your flight. Pictures are posted frequently on our Facebook page. I also offer video and photos from my mounted Gopro for an additional cost.

Hot air balloon's

What if I am afraid of heights?

Our European designed baskets provide security and scenery with 48 inch high sides. The movement in the balloon does not affect persons who suffer from motion sickness.

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When do you offer flights?

Early morning or late evenings are the preferred time to fly. Taking off just after sunrise or two hours before sunset. Times vary depending on time year.

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Why do balloons fly in the early morning or late in the evening?

Winds are generally calm and stable the first hours after sunrise. The sun’s uneven heating of the earth’s surface causes strong, variable winds. In the morning, it takes a few hours for the sun to heat the earth’s surface enough to generate the thermal activity that creates wind. Wind conditions in the southern Louisville  and surrounding counties allow for balloons to fly safely at sunrise or before sunset. Ideal winds for hot air ballooning are three to six miles per hour.

blue moon gift certificate

Can a balloon ride be given as a gift?

Yes! Gift Flight Vouchers are available for your gift giving pleasure. Vouchers can be purchased over the telephone or purchased securely online. Flights include approximately a one hour flight. Flight vouchers are pre-paid tickets good for one year. They are non refundable and fully transferable. Vouchers may not be valid on major holidays, holiday weekends and during special events.

Please contact us for more information or to purchase a gift certificate.

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What if I am celebrating a special occasion?

With Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures, I work very hard on making every flight a special occasion. To help you make your birthday, anniversary, proposal or even wedding special we offer a  basket banner for an additional cost. Your pilot is ordained and I can perform wedding ceremonies. If there are other requests I may be able to accommodate for additional fees.

Contact us for more information.


What are your office hours?

You may leave an email, Facebook, or text message 24 hours seven days a week, and your message will be returned within 24 business hours.

Tethered hot air balloon

Do you offer balloon tethers or glows?

Yes, tethers offer guests the opportunity to take an introductory flight in a balloon that is attached to the ground by long ropes. Tethers are best done first thing in the morning or right before sunset when wind conditions are calm and stable. A balloon “glow”occurs in the evening. The balloon is inflated and sits on the ground. When the burners are ignited it looks like a giant light bulb. Balloon glows make a beautiful back drop at parties or special events. Please contact me for a rate quote and details on how you can have a balloon at your next party.


Can you advertise on a hot air balloon?

Yes, a hot air balloon is the perfect outdoor flying billboard. At Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures I will work with you to customize an advertising package to meet your company’s individual goals from local to nationwide programs. For any more information please contact me.

Interview with WDRB

Have I seen your balloon on TV?

Yes, I have been on the Gina on the job, WDRB.

How can I take a flight with “Lighter Than Air Balloon Adventures”?

Check availability and make a reservation by contacting me, call or text , email, Facebook to reserve your requested flight date. We look forward to flying you soon!

Why do you need to know my weight?

A balloon is limited in the amount of weight it can carry. Therefore, we need to know in advance how much total passenger weight is. This information will help us to schedule your ride on a day in which we are sure you will be able to enjoy your ride.

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99-year-old in hot air balloon

Are there limitations for a hot air balloon ride?

Yes If you are 65 years of age or older, please let us know in advance.  We would like to check on the physical condition of passengers in this category before scheduling a flight.  Landings can be a bit bouncy, and you will be required to climb into and out of the basket. Please be sure to discuss any medical concerns such as: pregnancy, recent surgeries,  knee or back problems, inability to  stand up for at least an hour,  with your pilot prior to scheduling your flight.

Setting up Balloon

Can I get involved without buying a balloon ride?

Most people learn the ropes by joining the crew of a local balloon pilot, assisting in flight preparation, following the balloon during flight, and helping in balloon recovery.   This includes the celebration following each flight!  It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and make new friends.  We would love for you to join us.  Check out my Facebook page and send me a message if interested in getting involved with Ballooning. Another option is to join a local club that organizes races and community functions. The Balloon Society of Kentucky (BSOK) is one such club.  Meetings are held  six times a year at Bowman Field Aero club in Louisville, Kentucky.  You can also join the Balloon Federation of America (BFA), which is the sanctioning body for the National Championships and is dedicated to promotion of the sport.


How much does it cost?

The cost can vary on the service, length of time and distance needed to travel to and from event.